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In both challenging and favorable 

economic conditions, organizations 

strive to be smart, creative and 

forward thinking. 


Jak Consult provides deep technical 

knowledge and extensive industry 

experience to assist clients in 

addressing business issues that goes 

beyond financial services.

We provide a wide range of Business 

ideas to help grow your market. Our 

Expertise have over the years, 

achieved milestone of excellence and 

greater results.

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Our Business Advisory Services Includes:

  • Accounting Advisory Services.
  • Support local business start-ups.
  • Private Business Services Advisory (PBSA).
  • Real Estate Advisory Services. 

Business Advisory Services

We help you with services to tackle all aspects of your businesses from managing finances, marketing your product or service better.

The Business Consultancy under Jak Consult embarks on regular research and development activities, to improve the operations of market value to satisfy clients’ needs.

We have the innovative solutions to your business needs. We are led by the partners of the Business Industry whose specializations and objective of offering business advisory services is by delivering a broader range of value proposition and competencies.


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Our Brand Advisory Services Includes:

  • Brand Development.
  • Creative Services.
  • Brand Content.
  • Brand Channel.
  • Brand Advertisement. 

Brand Advisory Services

Our Brand Advice Consultants provide analysis, solutions and strategic marketing plans for companies, individuals and private operators to sell their products. We analyze the brand and see how it will perform against competitors.

 With focus, we help take your business from small-time player to real powerhouse hub.

As brand builders, we work to ensure our clients and their brands are sharing the right story. 

Have you asked?

How much are you investing in your company? 

How do you start the right way and monitor your progress?

What is your brand saying?

What is your brand doing?

How are you sharing your story with your audiences?

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Our Business Proposal Services Includes:

  • Contract.
  • Agreement.
  • Consent.

Business Proposal

We will assist you with the written document to help you secure that specific job for the prospective client.


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