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Welcome to Jak Consult

Jak Consult is specialized in Business Consulting, Business Registration, Graphic Design, Website Development and Content Management, Social Media, Advertisements and many other digital traits.  We are good at what we do.

Who Are We

We are the best Business Consulting Firm with current leads in Ghana. We are proud of our clients. Our customers have made us number one. We deliver to, an excellent work of perfection with the Midas touch. We can link you and your business to the next potential client. Connect with us now.  


Our Mission

To project values, increase revenue and establish businesses on the World Wide Web with a click of a button.

What We Do


To be globally recognized as the Rock of Gilbreter in Business Consulting and Digital Services including Website Development. 

Core Values

Our 6-D Process



Discover the next potential Client and increase business sales by surfing the internet.



Define your business status and leverage on your goals.



Design the right business modules for your client and embrace a total change in your sales revenue. 



Develop the interest of exchanging contacts and meeting new clients even when you are not ready. 



Deploy the right mechanism and tools to fill in the vacuum with experts to help you achieve your desire goals. 



Always deliver on a good promise. With this, your next potential client could be your neighbor. 

Why Choose Us?

We will assist you take your business to the world via internet and website. We will make your business pop up as number one all search engines like google. Digitally,  you are covered. 

We uphold a unique brand, which guides the team in dealing with clients and data received to work with…

We are distinct brand specialized in transforming ideas of individuals and corporate organization… Our Team is on standby ….   

With our team of experts in diverse fields of professions, we help drive sustainable values to make a difference in the real business world …

We create revenue streams, and establish a secured-rich and reliable brand equity …

We project your business into the light. We transform your business digitally.  We boost up your business to reach the right audience. 

With our team of experts in diverse fields, expect nothing less. Strike for quality. Don’t settle for less. We are the best in the field of Business and Website Consultancy.

Some Numbers

Chats with figures. 

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